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Individually packaged wildflower confetti is ready to toss during a celebration or sprinkle for decoration. Confetti is made from biodegradable paper embedded with a mixture of wildflower seeds. Feel good about helping the local ecosystem by planting pollinator plants that help local bees & butterflies. Your purchase is making a positive impact on the environment!



- 3/8" round

- 80 lb plantable eco-confetti

- each pack comes with 1.5 grams of confetti / or a generous handful

- 12 different color options

- embedded with wildflower seed blend

- 100% biodegradable paper

- paper is made from post consumer waste, not trees

- all seeds are NON-GMO

- confetti can be planted in or outdoors

- wildflowers are all safe native flowers approved for planting in the USA, Canada, EU, UK, New Zealand and Australia by the CFIA and the USDA

- best planting time is Spring and Fall, but they will grow during all seasons depending on climate

- each order plants a tree through One Tree Planted

- all product made to order 

Planting Confetti:

- fill your pot with soil

- sprinkle confetti under a 1/8" layer of soil

- give your wildflower seeds a good soak

- keep the seeds damp for at least the first 10 days for the germination process

- once sprouts appear keep the sprouts moist until they grow tall and strong

Wildflower Seed Blend:

- Bird's Eye - Annual

- Clarkia - Annual

- Black Eyed Susan - Perennial

- Catchfly - Annual

- Snapdragon - Annual

- English Daisy - Perennial

- Sweet Alyssum - Annual

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