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Tarot Reading - Lou Ford

Tarot Reading - Lou Ford

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General Reading: $80
Perfect for first timers!
Spirit Team Check-In: $95
A spiritual check in!
Past Life Reading: $100
Digging into your past life for lessons and insights!
Our readings are in person, at our Fore St Location!
About the Reader
Lou has undergone a lot of spiritual transitions & changes in the 28 years of his life so far, but one thing has always remained the same: his massive love & appreciation for Tarot & other forms of Divination. Growing up around the craft & an overly superstitious mother from Appalachia, he has always had room for magic in his heart, all leading up to the point of beginning his own spiritual journey formally in his early twenties. Finding Tarot shortly after, he felt like he had found the missing piece to his soul in the cards. He used the cards to help him navigate tough emotional barriers in his life, to navigate his own gender dysphoria, & even small day to day mishaps. Eventually, he began reading & interpreting the cards for his friends & loved ones for free to continue challenging himself in his interpretations of the cards, & through that he found a thirst in helping others with the power of tarot that hasn’t been able to be quenched since. He is happy to say that he has been reading cards professionally for four years now & won’t be stopping any time soon. He is beyond thrilled to expand this practice to the Portland area & can’t wait to meet & make connections with the wonderful folks in this city! 

Lou’s practice is centered around Divination, but his practice is heavily influenced by Heathenry & Appalachian Folk Magic as well. He is an avid Spirit Worker, doing a lot of workings in liminal spaces for spiritual evolution. When reading tarot, he uses the historical context & meanings of the card, as well as his Clairvoyant ability to tap into the messages being sent to his client. His goal is to bring you full clarity over your situations & questions by the time your appointment is over, so you feel empowered as you take the next step in your life! 

Lou is ¼ of the ownership team at Raven & Crow Co. in Brunswick, a fully queer & trans owned Espresso Bar & Metaphysical shop right on Pleasant Street! He is the in-house tarot reader for the shop, Retail Curator, as well as an Educator running popular classes such as Academy for the Beginner Witch! He also does private lessons in Tarot & Beginner Witchcraft. In his off time, he enjoys spending time with his Husband Cornelius & his two pets Kiah & Clove, playing Animal Crossing & taking nice walks in the forest. 
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