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@queen_frostingx - 100% Beeswax Travel Candle

@queen_frostingx - 100% Beeswax Travel Candle

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@queen_frostingx is the 90s candy queen of your dreams. She is sweet, plush, cloud, and cake. She is floating on a cloud of spun sugar. Does this sound like you? Do you wear a crown of candies and carry a staff of sweetness? We see you. Light this candle like you might spread rainbow sprinkles, liberally, everywhere, in all spaces.

Suggested Use

When you carry Wanderlust Lantern @queen_frostingx you’re carrying a little bit of sweetness in your pocket. Burn this candle for memories of the kitchen in your home, the scent of baked goods, or a childhood memory.

Ingredients: Beeswax with scents of Butter Frosting, Red Berries, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Caramel, Iced Vanilla Cream, Spun Sugar.

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commonly asked questions

how should i treat my wick?

trim your wick 1/4" before burning, and always let your wax melt to the edge before extinguishing.

what makes needfire candles better?

all of our candles are 100% beeswax, sourced from small farms and apiaries throughout the united states

isn't soy eco friendly?

soy primarily comes from large factory farms and is one of the leading contributors to agricultural deforestation