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@forest_faeriexx - 100% Beeswax Travel Candle

@forest_faeriexx - 100% Beeswax Travel Candle

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Enter the realm of the Forest Faerie. @Forest_Faeriexxx from the Wanderlust Lantern Collect conjures up iridescent dreams, memories torn from the pages of fairy stories, and the unique magic of childhood. The Forest Faerie is mysterious, quiet, loves a leather bound book covered in dust that contains the secrets of the alchemists. Consider this candle a lantern as you adventure through the woods, a portal, a mirror at the base of an Oak tree, the texture of dew drops, mushrooms in a ring, all beckoning you to another world.

Suggested Use

Travel with @Forest_Faeriexxx as you sleep in mossy forests, camp under jasmine trees, and transform your home into the stuff of dreams.
Ingredients: Beeswax with scents of Jasmine, Orchid Dew, Fern, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Moss, and Musk.

About the Wanderlust Lantern Collection:

The Wanderlust Lanterns are a collection of small lantern-like candles designed to be used over several evenings.

Each lantern is a single signature scent. They are an array of differing fragrances, using READ certified, non-toxic and cruelty free fragrance oils.

The Wanderlust Lanterns are compact and practical - whimsical and unique. Each lantern is a story that the buyer sees and smells when they pick up a lantern.

We recommend customers find a scent that resonates, and burn it at home. When they travel, they can bring their lantern with them wherever they wander.

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commonly asked questions

how should i treat my wick?

trim your wick 1/4" before burning, and always let your wax melt to the edge before extinguishing.

what makes needfire candles better?

all of our candles are 100% beeswax, sourced from small farms and apiaries throughout the united states

isn't soy eco friendly?

soy primarily comes from large factory farms and is one of the leading contributors to agricultural deforestation