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The Runes: A Deeper Journey

The Runes: A Deeper Journey

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In this three-part course, Kari Tauring will share stories, songs, and scholarship gathered over thirty years about the oldest known Futhark (named so for the first six runes) of proto-Germanic heritage. In around 400 ACE, 24 rune letters were etched on the Kylver stone discovered in Stånga on the Swedish island of Gotland in 1903 and called the Elder Futhark. Runic inscriptions dating to 160 ACE have been found and deciphered. Runes and runic poetry are mentioned in the Eddas and Sagas. Elder and Younger runes were memorialized in four medieval poems by Germanic, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Anglo-Saxon writers. Their names and meanings still live within the language still used in Iceland, Norway, Scotland, and other connected languages. And they have been mis-used and appropriated to promote ideologies that fly in the face of the cultural lessons they impart.

What makes this class different than other rune studies is how Kari weaves in the stories and songs of her own family and culture of origin. Deep scholarship and the lived experience of her Norwegian American upbringing combine in a wonderfully entertaining and highly accessible way. New comers to the runes will not feel so overwhelmed. Long time students will appreciate the broad cultural swathe that Kari encompasses.

The goal is to help you build a relationship with each rune and appreciate their relationship to one another and the cultures that preserved them. For example, the first rune is FEHU. The cow was part of the European landscape before Northern Europe was even freed from the ice. Our Ice Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Agricultural ancestors - even modern 21st. Century Nordics, have a deep and meaningful relationship to the Cow.

Bison, Birch Trees, Ice, Lakes, and the very Sun have runes that represent them. Join Kari as she shares their quintessentially Nordic lessons from her home in the Northland of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


What this Course Includes:

  • Over 6 hours of original video lecture content featuring nordic roots educator Kari Tauring.
  • 24+ original infographics.
  • PDF copy of Runes: A Deeper Journey by Kari Tauring.
  • Regular teacher support and feedback.
  • Journal prompts and exercises.
  • Certificate of Completion

Students will have access to a video series outlining each of the described course concepts, with helpful visual and text tools. The course has been broken down into three installments. Each installment includes a number of videos and visual tools, the breakdown for which can be viewed in the course curriculum. Students will be prompted to journal and complete homework exercises intended to support their adoption of these new tools. Students will receive a .pdf copy of Kari Tauring's book 'The Runes: A Deeper Journey'.

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