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Four Seasons of Glamour Magic

Four Seasons of Glamour Magic

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Glamour Magic Course

Glamour magic is a style of magic that draws on and builds up our own deep internal reserves of magic. It embodies the art of subtle action and luminance, truly embracing the idea of “work smarter, not harder.” Often thought of as a feminine magic, glamour magic utilizes a number of classic magical techniques and rituals, and grounds them into self care dedication. 

Minta Karlsson, instructor in this course series, noticed that many of her customers and students seemed to struggle with the idea of ritual. That the biggest challenge in doing the work was understanding and applying ritual to practice. Glamour magic is about using tools we are familiar with and rituals that our in our everyday - skincare, hygiene, and the little things we do to delight ourselves - to better understand magic and thrive in our practice. 

What Glamour Magic isn’t - an extension of love magic. Glamour magic can be used for love and romantic attraction very skillfully, however at its core glamour magic has the capacity to be used for many different purposes. When used with intention, glamour magic can be as deep and spiritual of a tool as any magical system.

What is the series?
Four Seasons of Glamour Magic.
Beginning at the end of April, immersed in the energy of Spring, students will take a journey of self discovery and practical magical skill.
This year long course will focus on the study of Glamour Magic - magical practice and tools focused on projecting, absorbing and managing the energies we find ourselves moving through. Glamour Magic utilizes ritual self care, skincare, baths, teas, oils and cosmetics to harness and utilize the powerful magical ability that we are all capable of.
Who is this course intended for?
This course is appropriate for both new practitioners with no background in ritual practice, and established practitioners who are looking for a energy balanced, sustainable practice. One of the benefits of my approach to glamour magic is its emphasis on both self growth and energy preservation.
Students who have taken one off glamour classes in the past have expressed that they've felt more energized and often seen more immediate and obvious results than when they've tried other magical tools.
What can students expect?
🌟 2-3 monthly weekend live lectures, suitable for US, EU and UK time zones. 
🌩 Quarterly one on one check ins.
🌸 Dedicated digital group space to connect and share with other students.
🍄 Monthly assignments and journal prompts.
☀️ End of year project, intended to ground the lessons in an opportunity to build ones own ritual.
Students should expect to leave the series with a firm grasp on how to practice my system of Glamour Magic and the space to grow in confidence and ability.


First Live Class on April 24th 

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Glamour Magic  

Chapter 2 - The Basics 

Chapter 3 - Boundaries, Protection and Cleansing

Chapter 4 - Energy Movement & Manipulation

Chapter 5 - Attraction & Enchantment Magics

Chapter 6 - Thriving & Growth through Glamour

Chapter 7 - Influence & Being a Responsible Practitioner

Chapter 8 - Designing Your Own Tools

Chapter 9  - Reflecting & Investigating

Chapter 10 - Final Project

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