The Ekowax Project

My name is Minta Karlsson. I'm the co-founder at Needfire Candle Co. I care fervently about our planet, and what the candle industry is doing to it.

Eco friendly candle making is rarer than you think. You can read more about the truth about the candle industry on our website.


Beeswax is also expensive. Not everyone can afford a beeswax candle. 


That doesn't sit right with me. I have been that person with $5 in their bank account. I know what it's like to want something, and not be able to afford it. I don't want that to be the story of eco-friendly candles in the US.


I have found another way.


I first stumbled upon it in Sweden when visiting my cousins. A candle making material that's beautiful, clean, and sustainable. Stearin, a tallow derived fatty acid, has been used in candle making since the early 1800s. In the US it's nearly impossible to find real stearin, most of what is available are palm oil based substitutes. 


And yet, in Sweden, stearin makes up a large part of the candle market. You can find it in every store. 




Because it's eco friendly. It utilizes natural waste products and it is easy to create sustainably. And after a long search and many, many phone calls, I found a sustainable source in the US.


That means - low mileage to get to us, supporting the US economy, and utilizing safe, historically precedented candle making materials. With stearin, we can offer a wider range of eco-friendly candles. More people will be able to afford them.


We will be launching two new candles lines before the end of 2022, a beeswax and stearin eco candle blend & an 100% stearin candle series. 


I want you to join us. Invest in our regulated campaign and become a part of our story. You don't have to be rich to be a part of this movement towards sustainability. And even better, you will earn interest on our success.


It's time to upgrade the candle industry.


Invest here!