Order Info

We are a small but mighty staff! All candles are made to order and we try to ship within a two day period. Shipments usually go out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Please be patient, let us know of any ritual dates you need products for and reach out with questions. We appreciate you!

Brand Description & Vision

Needfire Candle Co is a candle manufacturing and design brand committed to ethical consumption and transparency within the candle industry. 

Ethical sourcing is on everyone’s minds - however, few realize how heavy an impact everyday products have on our environment. US retail candle sales are estimated at $3.14 billion annually, and over 1 billion pounds of wax are used in producing candles each year. However, the industry has very little regulation - the majority of the wax material used contributes to deforestation, destruction of native pollinator populations, and relocation of indigenous peoples. Inexpensive candles are often made with toxic materials, such as wicks containing heavy metals and petroleum based waxes such as paraffin.

Our vision is to open up a conversation about the industry, and sell a product that is transparent about sourcing both wholesale and direct to the consumer. Our candles are fun and pop inspired, with the integrity of a farmstand candle.

We thrive with the bees.